3505 Seniors Fail to Graduate From DeKalb Schools – 1194 Seniors Fail to Graduate Last Year

Restore DeKalb Town Hall Meeting June 15th

Dear DeKalb County School Supporters,

We are Restore DeKalb and have scheduled a town hall meeting for June 15, 2013 at Sanford Realty Company Conference room at 4183 Snapfinger Woods Drive from 10am- 12pm. We are proud to announce that the Georgia Accrediting Commission (GAC) will give a presentation and answer questions from the public concerning a “second or safety net” accreditation.

Visit the Georgia Accrediting Commission website and note the accrediting commission has served Georgia’s schools since 1904.


We will provide critical information on serious issues that parents, homeowners, taxpayers and voters want addressed. Learn where we are with DeKalb’s Accreditation to include:

•What have our school system done to “restore” full accreditation?

•Should DeKalb County School system have a secondary accrediting agency (Dual Accreditation) to provide a “safety net” for our high school students?

•What are the plans to improve graduation rates for DeKalb County schools?

•Where does the school district stand on the issue of cell towers on school grounds?

Please view the graduation rates for DeKalb County compared to Metro Atlanta and individual high schools with the school system to include:

We must address the fact that 3505 seniors did not graduate according to the data provided by the Georgia Department of Education. We must address the fact that over 68% of our schools did not rate equal or above the state level.

Please read the article published July 7, 2012 by Crossroads Newspaper by Jennifer Ffench Parker and Carla Parker titled, “1,194 Seniors fail to graduate”, that caused a major outrage in DeKalb.



We dedicate our town hall meeting to one of our “Foot Soldiers for Justice” – Gregory K. Davis.

Please read Crossroads Newspaper article titled, “DeKalb bus mechanic remembered for standing up for co-workers, children.


and Restore DeKalb article titled, “Greg Davis – A “Foot Soldier for Justice”.



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