Restore DeKalb is a consortium of parents, organizations, and homeowners with a mission to unite and protect our children and overall community in DeKalb.  It is time for parents and homeowners to reclaim control over our neighborhood schools to ensure a high-quality education for our children and maintain accreditation.

As taxpaying citizens of DeKalb County, we have done extensive research about concerns and issues facing our school system.  The data reveals that we have a three-fold problem:

  • Lack of providing a clear direction for improving student learning.
  • Lack of transparency, ethics, and accountability by the school Superintendent, DeKalb County Board of Education, and local school leadership.
  • Lack of collaboration and cooperation with parents, teachers and community partnership.

Therefore, we support maintaining local control of our school system through elected representation.  Through transparency, ethics, and accountability, we will elevate the quality of education in DeKalb County and improve our quality of life.

We are citizens for transparency, education, ethics, economic development, and accountability

Contact Person:  Joel Edwards at 404-966-1121

Email:  RestoreDeKalb@gmail.com

Website: https://RestoreDeKalb.org



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