Educate, Mobilize, Act

Educate, Mobilize, Act:

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Citizens for Transparency, Education, Ethics and Accountability (CTEA) are proud to step forward to the “frontline” to place our children first and maintain our accreditation.  CTEA have launched the Restore DeKalb campaign to reclaim our neighborhood school.

Restore DeKalb will initiate a grassroots campaign to maintain local control through elected representation.  We ask that parents, homeowners, churches, organizations, HOA, PTAs, etc. download a copy of the petition and collect signatures of taxpayers and voters that want to maintain local control of our school system.

Restore DeKalb Action Plan include:


We ask that our parents and homeowners educate themselves on the issues to include the SACS reports, KPMG audit, and grand jury findings.

1.  DCSS – KPMG Forensic Audit (Draft):

2.  DeKalb County Grand Jury Presentments March – April Term, 2012:

3.  DeKalb County Grand Jury Presentments November-December Term, 2011:

4.  DeKalb County Grand Jury Presentments May-June Term, 2010:

5.  DeKalb County Grand Jury Presentments September-October Term, 2009:

6.  Seven count 127 page indictment which names Superintendent Crawford Lewis, Pat Reid, the school district’s former chief operating officer; her husband, Tony Pope, an architect who’s worked on DeKalb school projects.

7.  AdvancED – Report of the Special Review Team for DeKalb County School District Stone Mountain, Georgia – Review Dates: October 17-19, 2012.

8.  Heery-Mitchell/DeKalb County School District Litigation Public Documents:

9.  Governor’s Executive Order for Miller County – January 9, 2013:

10.  AdvancED SACS Letter:

11.  Superintendent response to AdvancED SACS Letter:

12.  AdvancED – DeKalb County School District Placed on Accredited Probation:


We ask that our parents and homeowners help us mobilize the votes of the people who want to maintain local control.  Please download the petition and get your family, friend, neighbors, church members, etc. to sign.  We can also be reached at

Petition to Maintain Local Control of DeKalb Schools


Text – A- Parent (TAP) – Johnae Davis, a 10 year old student of DeKalb County School System, suggested students and parents use their cell phone to send a message for everyone to sign the Restore DeKalb Petition.  This will help parents learn what is going on and get parents more involved with their school system.  We ask everyone to forward a message via the cell phone to sign the Restore DeKalb Petition at

We requested the Superintendent and Board of Education have time to answer every request and concern made by SACS to ensure due process.  If the Superintendent and Board of Education are unable to answer every question that jeopardizes our accreditation within 3-6 months, we reserve the right to “recall” our elected officials.  This is to ensure our “rights” to elected representation.


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